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How To Begin Eating Healthy: A Guide For Vegan Beginners

I tip my hat to you for taking the first step to becoming a vegan! Transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle may be challenging as it will make a big difference to your substantial well-being. Before you begin the transition, you first have to familiarize yourself by learning the distinction between living a vegan culture and eating a small amount of food to lose weight. Although our reasons for being vegan differ, learning how to optimally nourish our bodies by having a plant-based diet is our fair share of the goal.

This is why I would like to share with you my best recommendations that will equip your journey to veganism but see to it that you structure them according to your personal necessity.

Liv B

I instantly fell in love with her channel because she shuns the misunderstanding of most people saying that veganism is expensive. Forget all those posh cuisines because that is not within her vocabulary. Her principle is just plain simple: Cheap and Easy, perfect for people like you who are just beginning to embrace the meat-less diet.

Olivia Biermann, also known as Liv B, is famous for making vegan bento boxes that contain a delicious, nutritious, and healthy meal when you are in a hurry.

Apart from cooking easy and understandable, she also has a cookbook perfect for a beginner like you! It is highly recommended compared to other cookbooks that contain an overwhelming, dynamic variety of ingredients. You can check it out here.


Jenne Claiborne, best known as SweetPotatoSoul, is a vegan chef, health coach, and a cooking instructor. She explores the narrative of food in an iconic and nutritional crave-worthy recipe that is good for your health, heart and soul. Of course, her main recipe in most of her dishes is none other than, sweet potato! Like Liv B, she also crafts vegan hearty foods that are budget-friendly and has a cookbook that is both simple and approachable for anyone! I personally love the positive benefits she got since she switched to veganism and how it changed her outlook on life. You might want to check her book here.

Rainbow Plant Life

Rainbow Plant Life was created by Nisha Vora(a former lawyer) as a side hustle. It ultimately became the biggest breakthrough of her career. She curates a repertoire of plant-based recipes that you can use in various events. I love how she thoroughly explains what she is doing with the dish and always adds a disclaimer not to blindly follow the instructions which most beginners usually do. Her content allowed me to have insights about the different ingredients to try out and utilize them to recreate those non-vegan comfort foods. She also has her own cookbook accessible here.

Tess Begg

She is a vegan foodie, a fitness enthusiast, and her content is nothing but inspiration! Not only does she showcase what she eats in a day, but she also gives us a touch of cardio workout to get our lazy-ass, workaholic butts to work! I mainly enjoy her youtube videos because of their consciousness to beginners may it be through consuming a plant-based diet down to working out. The progress may be slow, and we sometimes want an instant result to our efforts, but she helps people stay on track to constantly get motivated despite the

overwhelming difficulties we may encounter during the transition period. So go check her youtube channel to get helpful tips with her informative yet inspiring content!

Pick Up Limes

Originally created by Sadia Badei way back in 2014 and collaborated with her boyfriend Robin de Rozario sometime in 2016 then, later on, published their first youtube video last 2017. I personally chose them as one of the best on my list because they educate their viewers in a reassuring manner when it comes to eating plants besides their aesthetically pleasing feed. Another feature that I want to share with you is their ability to use their platform to promote mental health and well-being awareness.

I think the idea is relatively genius and well-engineered to get the best of both worlds – Engineering and Nutrition. Also, they create hearty and soulful vegan dishes for kids to enjoy! 

In Conclusion, TLDR

My recommendation list has come to an end and I’m hoping that these will help your transition to veganism comfortably. Just remember, condition your mind to take small steps and be kind to yourself! It may be tough but with consistency and determination, it will get easier in time. Let me know your thoughts by hitting the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list!

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