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Andis Master Cordless Clipper Product Review

Andis Master Hair Clipper

When you think of hair clippers, you probably think that they are all one and the same. They all perform the same function of cutting hair. However, certain clippers offer different features and specifications that make them unique to one another. The Andis Master Cordless Clipper is a professional grade clipper with long-lasting durability. If you are purchasing clippers for the long haul with an intent to hone your skills as a barber, this the pair worth investing in. But, if you are interested in learning more about our other top picks for the best hair clipper available, you can read more here.

The Andis Master Cordless Clipper is a professional grade clipper with long-lasting durability.

Why You Should Get it

Ever since shelter in place began back in March, I’ve been cutting hair for my roommates. After numerous awful haircuts (sorry Jake and Rahul) I found that I greatly prefer cordless clippers in general, just because the wires don’t get in your way when working around your head or somebody else’s. However, oftentimes they have lacked the strength of their corded counterparts. The Andis Master Cordless Clipper boasts a powerful motor with a capacity of up to 7,200 cutting strokes per minute (spm), meaning that it has the strength and speed necessary for those who have a lot of hair that needs to be chopped off and quickly. These clippers can also be zero gapped, meaning that the teeth on both the stationary and moving blades are level with each other, resulting in a powerful and close shave. Zero gapping is particularly useful when shaping or lining up hair.


The first generation Andis Master Clipper With Cord (first generation) had a reputation of getting unbearably hot, as well as being relatively heavy in general. This caused a multitude of issues. Users would suffer wrist fatigue, as well as having to switch clippers roughly every 30 minutes as they became scorching hot. After speaking with barbers who had experience using the Andis Masters With Cord (first generation), they said it was necessary to purchase a second pair in order to deal with the overheating.

However, in the Andis Master Cordless Clipper, they stated that both issues were addressed. The clipper now weighs less than 10 ounces and is still made of its sturdy aluminum resulting in long-lasting durability. As stated previously, the Andis Master Cordless Clippers boasts a powerful 7,200 cutting spm. It gives you the power required to trim through loads of thick hair. These pro-grade clippers come barber recommended. If shelter-in-place lasts any longer, I may have just found a new profession!


  • Cordless maneuverability
  • Powerful motor
  • 90-minute battery life
  • Professional grade clipper


  • Clipper guards sold separately
  • High price point
  • Heat (They do still get warm like the first generation Andis Master’s, but not to the point of being uncomfortable)

In Conclusion, TLDR

The Andis Master Cordless Clipper is a powerful professional grade clipper. The cordless clipper boasts a 90-minute battery life. However, the clippers are sold separately.

Disclaimer: All product prices listed are accurate at the time of writing and are subject to change.

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