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Bras designed for AA, A, and B Cups

Are you a part of the itty bitty committee? This brand focuses on the struggle that this committee faces looking for traditional bra wear! Pepper is a brand that is caters specifically to women with small chests and the sense of creating a community to empower the body issues. Pepper specifically aims to break down the walls of traditional lingerie companies that seem to commonly focus on the “ideal” bra sizes. 

There have been so many stories with women complaining about the mainstream lingerie fashion being too big, uncomfortable, and even just intimidating, but Pepper is here to challenge the mainstream beauty standards and give comfort to the misunderstood women with smaller cup sizes. Toss out the traditionally uniformed and ill-fitted bras and check out Pepper’s small cup designs to help you look good, feel good, and be a part of the Small Squad!


Sabrina Ho

Sabrina is a 4th year UC Berkeley student studying Media Studies. She enjoys outdoor hobbies like playing spike ball and hiking but also enjoys activities like playing video games and streaming on Twitch!

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